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Duff Phelps case competition team members put the case together.

November 16, 2016


I’d like to brag on our Duff & Phelps YOUniversity Deal Challenge team. The FMA Dream Team members include David Alderman, Jordan Carr, Jason McKinley, Daniel Robinson, Bailey Sullivan and Zach Spencer. I couldn’t be more proud of the work and dedication that this group put into the project – especially with this being our first year to compete. This team shines the klieg light on some critical success tenets:

·         If you want to be the best, you have to supplement your classwork with additional experiences and education. Zach now has a cot in the Bloomberg room, but also dazzled STRH interviewers when he brought up his work on the Duff Case and integrated the valuation process into what he would be doing this summer.

·         "I have too much going on to learn something new" is lame – Hey Jordan, thanks for adding this to your plate.

·         "I’m only a sophomore and can’t really contribute"...equally lame – hats off to the BAE, who did this competition the same semester as FINC 3610. 

·         Often the experience and knowledge gained outweighs any accolades and affirmation. Alderman, Daniel and J. McKay all agreed to fully participate in this competition and help the team…even though they could not officially compete because of grad date. 

Thank you all…well done   

Excel Modeling Class. FINC 4970 Section 1, T/TH at 12:30 with WANG IS FULL. This class is designed to teach you the Excel skills that you will need, including discounted cash flow modeling. Dr. Wang is expecting you to come with a base line of Excel knowledge. He has gone through the Wall Street Prep coursework and will be incorporating that material into the class. I HIGHLY recommend that you put as much time as possible into prepping for this course. If you need to buy WSP, you can do so on the FMA website by purchasing an additional membership – the cost of FMA membership is the same as the WSP subscription. You will need to let me know once you’ve paid so that I can activate your account. 

Bowling – Thanks again Peyton! We had a great time. 

STRH Corporate visit is Friday 11/18. If you have any thoughts on applying to STRH for full time positions next year or for internships, you should not miss this tour. The student caravan will be leaving from Sams parking lot at 7am CST. Top execs from different areas of the bank will be in attendance. Any questions? Reach out to Madison Langman.   Those who attend can leave for Thanksgiving break from ATL or ride share back to AU.

Another great (free) resource is the morning brew:

Finance Rocks! 


Upcoming Events/Deadlines:

·         11/18/16 – STRH Corporate Headquarters Visit; Atlanta

·         12/2/16 – FMA CHRISTMAS PARTY – Darby working on details

·         1/10/17 – Training the Street Bootcamp – AU Tiger Lab

Congratulations David!

David will be joining Regions Securities as a summer intern in their Capital Markets Group. Awesome work David!


Congratulations JW!

William has accepted a summer internship with Regions Securities! Great Work JW!

Congratulations Chris!

Chris will be interning with The Private Bank in Chicago in their Commercial Banking Group. Congratulations to Chris (and his Cubs-Go Tribe)!


Congratulations Annie!

Annie has accepted a summer internship offer with Wells Fargo in their wealth management division. She will be working in Austin. Great job Annie!

Congratulations Katie!

Katie has accepted a summer internship offer with Regions in their Corporate Treasury Group. Kickin It Katie!


Congratulations Kathryn!

Kathryn has accepted a full time position with SunTrust Bank in Atlanta. Way to go Kathryn…our new Wholesale Development Program Analyst!

Congratulations Madison!

Madison will be interning this summer as a Portfolio Management Financial Analyst for STRH in Atlanta. Way to go Madison!


Congratulations Zach!

Zach will be interning this summer as a Portfolio Management Financial Analyst for STRH in Atlanta. Way to rock the DCF on a one page write up Zach!

Heard on the Street: "Tracy, it’s official…I can’t stand Handshake." Sam S.

Be sure to continuously check your graduation dates. We are still finding instances where they are being changed – even after you make the correct change. For those of you who applied to American Airlines – I am still trying to unearth what happened there. 26 AU students applied – the company received 2 resumes. If you have to ask if yours was one of them…then it wasn’t.


Where Are We Going Now?

·         American Airlines – Dallas

·         Lucy Anne Link

·         Jake Rudesill

·         Darby Steinberger

·         BBVA – Bham

·         Austin Howard

·         Deloitte Advisory – ATL

·         Brooke Brennan

·         Jason McKinley

·         Kelly Morris

·         Joe Patching

·         Delta Airlines – ATL

·         Trey Manning

·         Ernst & Young – NYC

·         ​Brooke Brennan

·         Georgia Pacific – ATL

·         Amber Arthur

·         Glen Becker – intern

·         Morgan Stanley – ATL

·         Peyton Good – intern

·         Private Bank – Chicago

·         ​Chris Costello – intern

·         PwCNYC

·         James Pinkleton

·         Regions Bank Corp.

·         David Bucko – Securities

·         William Cole – Securities

·         Katie Grunder – intern

·         SunTrust  – ATL

·         Kathryn Kaish – Wholesale

·         Andrew May – STRH

·         Madison Langman – STRH intern

·         Carlie Phillips – Risk

·         Rushton Scott – STRH

·         Zach Spencer – STRH intern

·         Wells Fargo 

·         Krista Alexon ATL

·         Ben Echols Charlotte 

·         Annie Gigliotti – intern – Austin

·         Bailey Sullivan -intern Charlotte

·         Haley Walraven NYC


Auburn University Financial Management Honor Society