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FMA Members vist STRH Headquarters in Atlanta in November

December 2, 2016


I can’t believe it’s the end of the semester already! I continue to be amazed by all that we accomplish together and am so thankful for the amazing students in this group. Shane Mulqueen will be leaving us this semester so be sure to give him a hug or buy him a beer if you see him. You will be missed Shane.

We will be holding formal recruiting as soon as next semester starts so please, if you have a strong candidate, encourage them to apply. Current member recommendations make the recruiting process much easier. Please keep in mind that we already have a full class of rising seniors, so as always, we will limit the number of rising seniors that we will take. Expect to see an email next week in regards to Training the Street. Right now I expect to cover the cost for about half – which would leave the cost per student at $60 each. 

Morning Brew link – great resource:

Finance Rocks! 


Upcoming Events/Deadlines:

·         12/2/16 – FMA CHRISTMAS PARTY – Tonight! Check your email for details

·         1/10/17 – Training the Street Bootcamp – AU Tiger Lab

Who Are We?


Shane Mulqueen is a Senior in Finance at Auburn University, and will be graduating in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Shane has always been heavily involved in FMA, even holding an Exec position for his last year. Unbeknownst to his fellow members, Shane has also been a member of the Auburn Sailing Club where he has competed in Regattas across the Southeast at schools including the College of Charleston, Georgia Tech and Eckerd College.

Originally an Electrical Engineering and Finance double major, Shane began college interested in doing something in the software industry. However, Shane decided halfway through his Junior Year he was “more interested in doing something analytical and quantitative”, so he made the decision to stick strictly to Finance. He also “enjoys the business people more” which he says was another big factor when deciding to switch majors.

After switching his major, Shane began to do a lot of independent research in factor-based risk models. He began by doing the Upgrade Capital Quant Competition which he stayed heavily involved in throughout his time at Auburn. Shane also constructed research reports based on his work with factor-based modeling which he would send to companies along with his resume.

I had the honor of being paired with Shane as a mentor when I joined FMA in the spring of my Freshman Year. Being so young, I was eager to learn and expand my knowledge on the industry. Shane was always so patient and willing to help, whether it was just helping with a simple homework problem or when I needed something outside of school, he was always there for me. It was incredible to know someone who genuinely cared about the success of those around him and was constantly willing to help anyone who needed it.

Shane said FMA has meant so much to him because: “It is great to be surrounded with people who care about their future and have the ambition to do what it takes to ensure their future is successful”. He appreciates everything FMA has done for him and wants to leave his fellow members with a piece of advice: “Start young. Don’t be afraid to change your mind. But most importantly, don’t expect classes to be enough.”

Shane recently accepted a job as a Junior Trader with Flow Traders where he will be taking six months in Amsterdam to complete his training before heading to New York. He plans to apply all the knowledge he has learned from his time at Auburn and his Internships at Regions, Bright Investments, UDA Technology and Blue Creek Investment Partners. Congratulations Shane, we’ll miss you!                                                             Write up by Matthew Harris


Congratulations Jordan!

Jordan accepted a summer internship with Moelis & Co. in Houston. JC will be an Investment Banking M&A Summer Analyst. Talk about prep…Jordan decided to switch his focus from engineering to investment banking a year ago and has since immersed himself in the field. You nailed it Jordan!

Congratulations Kathleen!

Kathleen will be joining MUFG Securities in New York City this summer as an Investment Grade Credit Sales and Trading Analyst. Great job Kat!


Congratulations Daniel!

Daniel will be spending the summer in Los Angeles. He has accepted a summer internship as a Financial Analyst with Lotus Innovations, a private equity company. Way to go Big D!

Congratulations Judson!

Judson has accepted a summer internship with the Controllers Group at Exxon Mobil in Houston. Judson will be a Finance and Business Advisory Intern. Great opportunity and great work Judson!


Congratulations Tim!

Tim is doubling down! He has accepted not one, but TWO internships. In the spring, Strader will be interning as a Revenue Management: Market Yield Analysis intern with Southwest Airlines in Dallas. Tim will then head to Los Angeles for the summer to intern with JP Morgan as Asset Management/Global Wealth Management Summer Analyst. Clutch!

Where Are We Going Now?


·         American Airlines – Dallas

·         Lucy Anne Link

·         Jake Rudesill

·         Darby Steinberger

·         BBVA – Bham

·         Austin Howard

·         Deloitte Advisory – ATL

·         Brooke Brennan

·         Jason McKinley

·         Kelly Morris

·         Joe Patching

·         Delta Airlines – ATL

·         Trey Manning

·         Ernst & Young – NYC

·         ​Brooke Brennan

·         Exxon Mobil – Houston

·         Judson Smith

·         Flow Traders – NYC

·         Shane Mulqueen

·         Georgia Pacific – ATL

·         Amber Arthur

·         Glen Becker – intern

·         JP Morgan – LA, CA

·         Timothy Strader – intern

·         Lotus Innovations – LA, CA

·         ​Daniel Robinson

·         Morgan Stanley – ATL

·         Peyton Good – intern

·         Moelis & Co. – Houston

·         Jordan Carr – intern

·         MUFG Securities – NYC

·         Kathleen Leavitt – intern

·         Private Bank – Chicago

·         ​Chris Costello – intern

·         PwCNYC

·         James Pinkleton

·         Regions Bank Corp.

·         David Bucko – Securities

·         William Cole – Securities

·         Katie Grunder – intern

·         Southwest Airlines – Dallas

·         Timothy Strader  – intern

·         SunTrust  – ATL

·         Kathryn Kaish – Wholesale

·         Andrew May – STRH

·         Madison Langman – STRH intern

·         Carlie Phillips – Risk

·         Rushton Scott – STRH

·         Zach Spencer – STRH intern

·         Wells Fargo 

·         Krista Alexon ATL

·         Ben Echols Charlotte 

·         Annie Gigliotti – intern – Austin

·         Bailey Sullivan -intern Charlotte

·         Haley Walraven NYC

Auburn University Financial Management Honor Society